Old Quartet Records

These are some examples of the 313 old quartet record files (.mp3) that I have collected over the years.

The quality ranges from very clear to very scratchy.

The volume varies as well.

The following song is the only song, that I have found, that explicitly mentions “barbershop style”

American Quartet - Play That Barbershop Chord (1910).mp3

Other American Quartet Records:

American Quartet & Billy Murray - Childhood Days (1922).mp3

American Quartet & Ada Jones & Billy Murray - Come Josephine In My Flying Machine (1911).mp3

American Quartet – Goodbye Broadway, Hello France (1919).mp3

American Quartet & Billy Murray - It's A Long Long Way to Tipperary (1914).mp3

American Quartet & Walter Van Brunt - I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad (1911).mp3

Cannon Quartet (Rare):

Cannon Quartet - Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1926).mp3

Edison Male Quartette (Very Rare):

Edison Male Quartette - My Old Kentucky Home (1898).mp3

Haydn Quartet:

Haydn Quartet - Budweiser's a Friend of Mine (1907).mp3

Haydn Quartet - My Wild Irish Rose.mp3

Haydn Quartet - Sweet Adeline.mp3

Peerless Quartet:

Peerless Quartet - Cows may come, cows may go, but the bull goes on forever (1915).mp3

Peerless Quartet - Good Morning Mr. Zip Zip Zip - 1918.mp3

Peerless Quartet - Schmaltz's German Band (1916).mp3

Shannon Quartet (Rare?):

Shannon Quartet - Jingle Bells.mp3